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Stirring the Sweetly Melodic Into the Darkly Intense

Paris meets San Francisco

Best of a Spectacular Bequest

Degas through Picasso’s eyes

Picasso, Metropolitan Museum of Art

A dying tradition or a promising future?

16th-century glass artifacts, workshop unearthed

Artisans weave history into fanciful fabrics

Secret journeys

Expert Witness: Henri Cartier-Bresson

Beads and bouquets

Cloth which stands the test of time

Luly Yang takes couture to creative new levels

Emerald Cities: Arts of Siam & Burma

The man who walks with bears

Van Gogh's letters

Watteau, Music, and Theater

A Master Revealed: Meijer de Haan

The Darker Side of Light

Georges Seurat: Figure in Space

Kandinsky: Impressionism and Fauvism

Fingerprint may lead to new da Vinci discovery

Herschel scans hidden Milky Way

Horse Life an anchor for Mongolian nomads

Masterpieces of Art Pottery, 1880-1930

Art for the millions


The Glory of the Garden

Neolithic carving raises eyebrows

Serenade in Blue

Couleurs et Lumière

Gold Ruby Glass

Impressionism --Painting Light

James Cook and the Exploration of the Pacific

The dream of everlasting life

Ansel Adams: Early Works

Stonework that reaches for the light

The Complete Guide To Bavaria

The Orient Express: Train of thought

Making Nature

Murcia's Sweet Paprika

Oldest map found engraved on 14,000-year-old rock

California Arts and Crafts, by way of Boston

Up the holy mountain

The old and nouveau

Scientists uncover lost Venetian city

Natural Herbs to Fight Back Swine Flu

Turn-of-the-Century Gems

A sketching holiday in Italy

Dragonfly migration across the sea

Corot at the National Gallery

Jugendstil am Rande der Abstraktion

Nature Was The Teacher

Watchers of the Skies

Interiors: Blue is the Colour

Gateway to the Infinite

Beauty and Desecration

48 hours in: Belle Epoque Paris

Turkish blue beads exported to 30 countries

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo at Wurzburg Residenz

The Art of Caring


Love and Marriage in Renaissance Florence

Europe Between the Oceans: 9000 BC to AD 1000

Ancient Egypt Temples Found at Gateway Fortress

Lightest Exoplanet is Discovered

Spanish Empire Bead Cache Found Off Georgia

Wellness from Wild, Wild Weeds

The Power of Petra

In the Dordogne, Canoeing Into Prehistory

Discovery in an Age of Dogma

What has Art Got to do with Beauty These Days?

Let's Hear it for Women in Technology

Kuniyoshi, Royal Academy of Arts, London

Lords of the Samurai

Mummies --the Dream of Everlasting Life

The Reluctant Impressionist

Heaven on Earth

Galileo: Immagini Dell'Universo

Ancient Egypt had Modern Tastes for Youth and Beauty

Excavating Egypt: An Exhibition from the Petrie Museum

Walking in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco

Leaping Across the Fire to Embrace Nevruz

The Gates of Heaven

Art & Love in Renaissance Italy

Peking Man Older Than Thought

Metamorphoses of the Face from Rodin to Picasso

Gold’s Own Country

The Commonalities of Mythical Beings

Where Nature Went

Choirs of Angels: Painting in Italian Choir Books

Die Künstler der Kaiser

2,000 Years of Weaving Heritage

Victoria Tea Festival a Cornucopia of Delights

How the Arabs Transformed Western Civilization

The Soul of Oceania

Writing Poems Helps Brain Cope with Emotional Turmoil

Cézanne and Beyond

Mother of God: A History of the Virgin Mary

Caravans Overtake Spain as Popular Holiday

Czech Artist Alfons Mucha’s Exhibition in Vienna

Perceiving and Receiving the Divine

Several "Must Sees" in Holland

Venice's Party Colors

New Light on the Etruscans

Dutch Cityscapes of the Golden Age

Threads of Life Gallery

Did climate kill off the Neanderthals?

The Road to Impressionism

Recession? What recession? Haute Couture Week Kicks Off in Paris

Cruising Europe's Medieval Highways

Archaeologists Unearth Earliest Cave Houses

One-of-a-Kind Baubles in Pasadena? Oh, We Want...

How Darwin Changed the Way We See the World

Tsai Erh Ping: Another World of Millefiori Porcelain

The World's Most Beautiful Castles

Designing Women of Postwar Britain

Buddhist Monks Perform Mask Dance

Writing with Thread

Glass Beads of Ghana

Exquisite Zisha Ware: Teapots from the Ming to the Present

The Complete Guide to Petra

Paris Pleases in Winter

Ancient Imagery at the UA Museum of Art

Art Deco Jewelry is a Towering Force in Jewelry

Saving the Sacred Dagmay Cloth

Parisian Bistros Await with 39 Euro Menus & Snail Tarts

Weaving a Way of Life

Mystery shrouds the ancient Oshoro circle

The Essential Art of African Textiles: Design Without End

Hebron Glass: A Centuries' Old Tradition

Plains Apache Ethnobotany by Julia A Jordan

Motoring from Nice to Tuscany

Fifty of Britain's Cosiest Hotels

Color And Light At New York's Rubin Museum

36 Hours in Lisbon

Museum Redesign Sheds New Light on Picasso Masterpiece

Movie Review | 'D.O.A.' (1950)

Whatever Happened to Old Europe?

Physicists Create Universe Smaller than a Marble

Archaeologists Sifting the Sands of Time

Art Jewelry Forum Emerging Artist Award

New Nomads of the High Atlas

Mining the Jewels and Ore of the Earth, Nature and Her Cycles

The Fantasy of Scotland's History

Top 10 Converted Hotels in Europe

All Aboard for the Modern Age

Tapestry Exhibits Weave Magical Baroque Details

Physicists have 'Solved' Mystery of Levitation

Enjoying Rossini's Serious Side

Sirpur, a land of temples and monasteries

An Operetta as Irreverent as Its Creator

Quest to save classical music

The 10 best flea markets in France

A royal recycler of fashion

Seeing water in the garden as Monet did

Italy’s Aeolian Islands

Historic weavings from New Mexico spin a tale

Leighton House: return to dazzling magnificence

28-year-old Scot wrote some of best classical music of 21st century

Holland: Keukenhof is blooming beautiful

The Italian influence in Glass

Ten of the best examples of moon poetry

Modernism As Ruin: An Archaeology of the Present

Henri Matisse: Room At The Beau Rivage (1917-18)

When herbs added more than flavour to life

Unified by Art Nouveau

Cezanne and American Modernism

Steeped in History: The Art of Tea

Titian, Tintoretto, and Veronese

Madonna of the Rabbit

Through the Seasons: Japanese Art in Nature

Between Heaven and Hell

The Joys of Life

The Art of Flying

Sargent and the Sea

Turner and the Masters

Georgia O’Keeffe: Abstraction

Following Robinson Jeffers' poetic path in Big Sur

Love In The House Of The Rabbis

The art of self-portraiture

Pure Art Nouveau!

Immagini Dell'Universo

Steeped in History: The Art of Tea

Tiny Shell Beads Point To Ancient Fashion Trend

Oldest known European human ancestor reported

A look at Ireland's rich crafts heritage

Dragonflies in danger of extinction

The Art of the Necklace

The edible, incredible lotus flower

Faces of Design

Capturing Nature's Beauty: Three Centuries of French Landscapes

Turner and Italy

San Sebastian, Basque country

A Case for Wine: From King Tut to Today

Caravaggio in Holland

Innovative Blades May Have Led to a Stone Age Population Boom

The Origins of Globalization

High summer - and I've got all this to myself

The Literatures of the Two Easts

British Museum's collection of Italian Renaissance drawings

A Descent into the Afterlife

Dangerous Women

Alarahan Caravanserai is a Major Attraction

Picasso and Cézanne in Aix-en-Provence

Who needs another lurid damsel?

Sleeping Beauty

Ideals. Yearning and Reality

The Nature of Diamonds

Where Have All the Muses Gone?

Vermeer, Rembrandt and the Golden Age of Dutch Art

Perfect Petra and Wild Wadi Rum

Belle Epoque, Paris

The Economic Value of Honeybees

Bathing is Best in Budapest

Natural and Powerful Ancient Wisdom

Rocks and Minerals Up Close and Personal

Emirates Art Lovers Welcome Orientalism

Can Poetry Save the Earth?

A Blend of Ancient Ritual and Pastures New

Holman Hunt's Pre-Raphaelite Passion

Life is Short but this Delightful Poem Lives On

The Tale of Shuten Doji

Sun, Wind and Rain

The Story of a Chinese Emperor's French Prints

100 Years of the Hotel de Crillon, Paris

Turner & Italy

Harn Museum of Art Showcases Kimono

Morandi --Master of the Beautiful Still Life

Cézanne and Beyond at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Pre-Raphaelites

Art and Power

Earthly Hands, Heavenly Designs

Color & Light: South Asian Embroidery

Patron and Painter

Jan Lievens: Out of Rembrandt's Shadow

Degas : Master of French Art

Pioneers of Contemporary Glass

Where Nature Went

Chagall and the Artists of the Russian Jewish Theater

Memories of Murano

Textile Messaging: 19th Century Women Expressed Fun

Power and Glory: Court Arts of China's Ming Dynasty

My Costume Drama

Joanne Hynes: Girl stuff

Baroque Painting in Bologna, 1575-1725

Walking the Latin Quarter

Eye of God Pictured in Space

Ancient Echoes in Contemporary Printmaking

Palma, Majorca: Art and history in the Sun

Novel Gazing

The Power of Ornament

Picasso Fever Keeps Parisians Up All Night

The African Art Collection at Neuberger

The Gentle Art of Making Etchings

Pierre Bonnard: The Late Interiors

Cezanne Family Furious at New Provence Railway

I Am the Grand Canyon: The Story of the Havasupai People

Tea Ceremony a Celebration of Life and its Symbols

Renzo Piano --Valletta is Manhattan of the 16th Century

Jewelry Maker Draws Inspiration from Single Pieces in her Collection

Icons of the Desert: Early Aboriginal Paintings from Papunya

Cleaner Air Adds Months to Life

Fight Global Recession with Jade

Prague Hotel Prices Coming Down

Shipwrecks Harbor Evidence of Ancient Sophistication

Circles of Life Exhibit of Hopi Basketry

Mystery and Glitter: Pastels in the Musée d'Orsay

Hubble's Most Amazing Images

Did the Chinese Sail to America before Columbus?

Bamboo Goes Hip & Trendy

The Modern Woodcut 1870 to Now at the Hammer Museum

Kimono as Art: The Landscapes of Itchiku Kubota

Van Gogh's Night Visions

The 10 Best Holidays to Make Your Pound Travel Further

Art, Trade, and Diplomacy in the Second Millennium B.C.

Ancient City Discovered Deep in Amazonian Rainforest

Aurora borealis

Monarch Butterflies use Human Clock to Migrate

Calder Jewelry at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Penny-wise in Paris

Walk with History in Strasbourg

Art Exhibit Patches Cultures Together

Inside Burma - the Last Ghost of the British Empire 

Mary Cassatt, On the Outside Looking In

V&A Jewellery: Treasures Brought to Sparkling Life

Silk is for Woman and Woman is for Silk

The Way of St. James in the Basque Country

The Homemade Homemaker

Study Boosts Wine Chemical Hopes

Newes From the Dead, The Nostradamus Prophecy, Bearkeeper

Tiny Bee Spotted for First Time in 50 Years

Hebron Glass: A Centuries' Old Tradition

Unwrapping the Secrets of Ordinary Objects

Gustav Klimt: Painting, Design and Modern Life in Vienna 1900

The New Organic Movement

Southern California farmer's markets