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Introduction: "We" means Aurlaea; "you" and "your" mean you, the user of this website ( Use of this website constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Trademark and Copyright: Aurlaea® is the registered trademark of Aurlaea, and is protected by U.S. Trademark laws. This website is the property of Aurlaea, protected by U.S. Copyright and Trademark Laws. You are strictly forbidden to copy, exploit, modify, or sell, any portion of, without consent. You may not use Aurlaea trademarks, artwork, logos, graphics, images, text, music, programs, or software without the consent of Aurlaea. In addition, you may not use Aurlaea trademarks in webpage meta tag elements or non-visible text, without the consent of Aurlaea.

Privacy Policy: Aurlaea will not sell or share your information with any other company not affiliated with Aurlaea. We may share your information with Aurlaea’s parent company, Garan-Beadagio, LLC. If you receive email from Aurlaea or Garan-Beadagio, LLC, and would like to opt-out, click on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

Cookie Policy: A cookie is a small text file that your web browser may store on your computer at the request of a webpage. The purpose of a cookie is to temporally or semi-permanently store information so you won’t need to re-enter it, or to track your preferences. In order to make your experience better while using this website, Aurlaea may set certain cookies for things such as Travel Weather, My Calendar Notes, and other features that require information to be stored, or tracked.

Aurlaea Content on your Website: Aurlaea allows you to syndicate news and information on your website, for non-commercial purposes only. This can be done using RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Aurlaea requires proper recognition, for example a link to with the text "Provided by", and that you format the content in a manner that offsets it from the rest of that webpage’s content. Aurlaea reserves the right to demand that you discontinue this syndication for any reason.

Aurlaea Calendar: Aurlaea recommends that you do not use My Calendar Notes for storing sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc., or for storing irreplaceable information. Aurlaea hereby disclaims all liability for any information that is lost or stolen. Weather may not always be completely accurate.

Opinions: All information and opinions are the sole responsibility of the individual writer. Aurlaea and its owners are not responsible for any opinions.

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Dispute Resolution: You agree that should any disputes arise between you and Aurlaea, they will be resolved through binding arbitration, governed by California law. Despite the above, should any lawsuits be filed, for any reason, all parties herein consent to resolve any disputes, which have not been resolved by binding arbitration, in Nevada County, California. The prevailing party in an arbitration or court proceeding shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney's fees and court costs.

Disclaimer of Liability: Aurlaea offers this website on an "as is" basis, and makes no guarantees of reliability, makes no representations of warranties of any kind as to the operation of or its contents, and is not liable for damage to your property, computer, files, software, servers, or your own website, which might occur due to the use of this website, or from syndicating Aurlaea content on your website (see above). By visiting, you agree to assume all risk associated with your use or transfer of any and all information contained on, and that your use of this website is at your sole risk and shall be entirely your responsibility. Furthermore, you agree to hold Aurlaea harmless from any claims relating to content or information in exchange for your use of this website. Should you transmit any information to Aurlaea electronically, you agree to assume all risk associated therewith.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.